Live Business & Marketing Class

Workshops that Work: Engaging & Turning Your Ideal Clients into Paying Clients


Jen Wright, NBC-HWC

For health and wellness coaches looking to improve their workshop creation and facilitation skills.

Designed for new & experienced coaches who are looking to create workshops that engage attendees while growing their coaching practice. Learn how to make your workshops more engaging and effective in attracting ongoing client relationships.

Approved for 1 CEU through NBHWC.

Upon Completing This Course, You Will:

  • Understand the key components of designing engaging and interactive workshop experiences.

  • Learn techniques for aligning workshop goals with the needs and objectives of the target audience.

  • Explore ways to incorporate storytelling, visuals, and experiential exercises to deepen participant understanding.

  • Discuss strategies for post-workshop procedures to increase conversion of participants to clients and to increase feedback and client satisfaction.

About the Facilitator

Jen Wright, NBC-HWC

Jen Wright blends 8 years of coaching experience with over 13 years in digital marketing to offer unique insights and support to wellness coaches. She founded Wellspired Co. to empower health and wellness coaches to build practices that reflect their values and attract their ideal clients. Jen's own journey from corporate success to wellness coaching is a testament to her commitment to authentic, value-driven success.

Today, Jen leverages her comprehensive experience to help other coaches avoid the pitfalls she encountered and thrive in their practices. She combines her health coaching credentials with her marketing savvy to guide her clients toward building successful, fulfilling careers.

Living in Minneapolis, MN, Jen enjoys cycling, spending quality time with her 2 kiddos and husband, and exploring the land of 10,000+ lakes, where she often dreams about the next workshop or marketing strategy she can teach to her students and members.

What's Included

  • 90-minute On Demand Business & Marketing Class - Workshops that Work: Engaging & Turning Your Ideal Clients into Paying Clients

  • Certificate of Completion & 1 CEU (NBHWC)

    after completing & receiving a passing score for the class quiz.

  • BONUS - Reflection Worksheet

  • BONUS - Lifetime class access to the training & resources

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! This class is approved for 1 CEU through NBHWC, which gives you access to our student learning portal with the class recording, class resources, and the quiz to complete to receive your CEU certificate.


Once you complete the checkout, you will receive an email with access to our student Learning Portal.  Watch the video lesson inside the Learning Portal and complete the quiz. You will be emailed a certificate of completion upon passing the quiz.


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What Others Have Said

Professional and Valuable

"Wellspired is a wonderful place to continue your journey on developing skills as a coach and business owner. They provide excellent professionalism, valuable information, and a great sense of community" - Graciela Sandoz, Member

Real World Examples

"I appreciate that this was created by real people who know what it's like to make it as a Health and Wellness Coach and can give real world examples as to how they made it happen for themselves."

Highly Recommended

"I know health and wellness coaching and was lacking in business and marketing skills. Because of that, I sought Jen’s assistance. Jen’s expertise with business, marketing and the health and wellness field was evident. Wellspired Co. comes highly recommended for other wellness companies looking to grow!" - L.K., NBC-HWC

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Business & Marketing Class:

Workshops that Work: Engaging & Turning Your Ideal Clients into Paying Clients

(1 CEU)

Class Includes:

  • (1) 90-Minute ON-DEMAND Interactive Class

  • Lifetime Workshop Access to Class Recording

  • Lifetime Workshop Access to All Class Materials & Resources

  • Certificate of Completion & 1 CEU (NBHWC) after completing & receiving a passing score for the class quiz.

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