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Coaching Through Emotions & Trauma


Kerri Weishoff, MA, NBC-HWC

Kris Kniefel, MA, NBC-HWC

Navigating the complexities of emotions and trauma in coaching requires finesse and understanding. In the Wellspired Coaching Through Emotions & Trauma class, you will enhance your ability to provide a secure and empathetic space for clients. Under the guidance of seasoned experts like Kerri Weishoff and Kris Kniefel, you'll learn to approach each session with the confidence and skills necessary to support your clients through their most vulnerable moments.

This class offers more than skill development; it's an opportunity to deepen your coaching practice with profound human connection and understanding. Whether your clients are facing subtle anxieties or intense emotional outbursts, you'll be equipped to navigate these sessions with professionalism and care, leading to meaningful breakthroughs and personal growth.

Approved for 1 CEU through NBHWC.

Upon Completing This Course, You Will:

  • Explore the role that emotions and trauma play within coaching sessions to enhance understanding and empathy in client interactions.

  • Review the importance of establishing and maintaining a non-judgmental space that allows clients to safely express and process their emotions.

  • Practice techniques for effectively holding space during moments of client emotional dysregulation, ensuring a supportive and validating coaching environment.

  • Implement strategies to recognize when to refer clients to licensed therapy and other appropriate supports, focusing on staying within the coaching scope and handling overwhelming emotions.

About the Facilitators

Kris Kniefel, MA, NBC-HWC

Kerri Weishoff, MA, NBC-HWC

Kris Kniefel, MA, NBC-HWC

Kris is an educator, faculty, mentor and a Functional Medicine and National Board Certified Integrative Wellness Coach.

She values on-going wellness education and has completed studies in mind-body medicine, self-compassion, food as medicine and functional medicine.

Kris is passionate about helping people develop and live their best lives – whether that is through learning new skills or knowledge or learning new behaviors!

She enjoys providing students with an engaging, experiential learning environment and encouraging their continued growth.

Kris teaches and mentors coaching students within the Veteran Administration’s Whole Health Coaching Certification Program, training VA employees in an NBHWC-approved coach certification program.

In addition, she has also taught coaching and wellness courses within the University of Wisconsin system.

Kris loves to be in nature – whether it’s hiking, biking or paddle boarding.

She enjoys entertaining and sharing good food with family and friends.

Kris has a Bachelors’ of Science degree in business from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Masters’ of Art in Human Resources from the University of Minnesota, and coaching certificates from the University of Minnesota and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Kerri Weishoff, MS, CCC-SLP, NBC-HWC

Kerri is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBCHWC) with an Integrative Health Coaching Certificate from the University of Minnesota, as well as a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kerri’s 25-year tenure as a speech pathologist provided her with a deep understanding of healing the whole person through self-awareness, self-care, and values exploration.

She carries this passion and understanding forward in her experience as coaching faculty in the VA Whole Health Coaching program, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and University of Minnesota.

Kerri currently serves as core faculty and mentor in the Veteran Administration (VA) Whole Health Coaching certificate program, training VA employees in an NBHWC – approved coach certificate program. She also provides coaching for students pursuing a coaching certificate and Master’s Degree at the University of Minnesota board-approved coach training program. In addition, Kerri developed a Health Coaching Exam Prep Guide for individuals preparing for the NBHWC National Board Exam, offered through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Continuing Education Program. Integrating her training as a speech pathologist with coaching, she has also taught various mind-body courses within the University of Wisconsin system.

Beyond training and educating future coaches, Kerri offers coaching to the general public in her private coaching practice. She was drawn to coaching because her experience as a therapist and Director of Rehab and Integrative Health affirmed to her that individuality and self-empowerment is at the core of healing.

She is passionate about guiding her clients to explore their individual level of awareness, self-care, values and strengths to support them in living well day-to-day and within community.

What's Included

  • 90-minute On-Demand Coaching Skill Clinic Class - Coaching Through Emotions & Trauma

  • Certificate of Completion & 1 CEU (NBHWC)

    after completing & receiving a passing score for the class quiz.

  • BONUS - Reflection Worksheet

  • BONUS - Lifetime class access to the training & resources

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What Others Have Said

Relevant & Applicable

"The material on emotions and trauma was presented in a very relevant and applicable way - thank you!"

Expert Knowledge

"The knowledge and expertise of Kris and Kerri was apparent. I also took a lot away from the demo."

Real Life Examples

"I liked the real life examples shared from different sessions Kris has done and her experience at the VA."

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